Month: March 2007

Day 21

Today began in tears as I was stressed about finances, which often happens as each month comes to a close. Three women came into the store carrying my friend Rob’s ashes in a box, and they picked up some vials for folks to have a part of him. It makes my stress tears pretty insignificant …

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Day 20

Exploring my feelings about having the Reiki connection for twenty days now, I look back to when it dawned on me that I should learn more about that “Reiki stuff that Maggie and Jaimie do.”¬† Maggie loaned me a Reiki book to look at, and the gentle love that flowed from every beautiful page opened …

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Day 19

I’m on the home stretch for the 21 Day clearing¬† period. Today was filled with syncronicity, with a pause to walk in the Labyrinth. Everything is coming full circle, each moment folding back on itself as another layer is revealed. What joy comes, I welcome with gratitude, and celebrate each moment like a child seeing …

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