Day 4

In exploring the Reiki path, I have come upon an excellent article that explains a little bit more detail on how energy works according to Japanese teachings. This is really interesting to learn, and I want to learn to apply it to my daily practice as well. Last night I gave David his first Reiki treatment. I don’t have a massage table yet, so I had him lay out on the bed. It went pretty well, he even started falling asleep for a moment. It’s not nearly as comfortable as working on somebody on a table though, so that looks like it will be my next investment.

Today I got a phone call from my friend Denise, who is doing a little redecorating in her home. She had told me that she was sick of her old couch a while back, and I’ve always thought it was just beautiful. So she gave it to me. How wonderful is that? Here it is nestled beautifully in my living room, and the kitties like how they fit underneath it.

My new couch

Proof positive that good things come to you when you are doing affirmations and becoming a Reiki Practitioner.  Best friends are great.

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