Month: March 2007

Day 18

This morning’s Self Reiki Session was very comforting. There’s been a lot going on since the death of my friend Rob, getting in touch with people to let them know about the memorial and all. Last night my husband, myself, and a few friends celebrated the new spring season. She came in with summer-like tempatures …

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Day 16 & 17

Yesterday began with gardening, turned to grieving, and finished with friendship. Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota and I was helping my sister create a small raised bed in the garden labyrinth at Eye of Horus. While we were digging, we found out that a friend of ours passed away the night before, very suddenly …

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Day 15

Yesterday I didn’t do my exercise routine, so imagine my surprise when I awoke to sore glutes and thighs. What could have caused that I wonder? Doing Reiki on someone laying on a couch that’s what! So I guess I got a little workout after all, with another chance at that today as I’ll be …

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