Namaste – A Sacred Greeting

Namaste Purple Lotus

Namaste. I’ve heard it spoken in many a yoga video, and those who love the whole yoga lifestyle use it quite frequently. But what does it mean really? According to, namaste is:

 “A Sanskrit word meaning The Light of God in Me recognizes and honors The Light of God in You and in that recognition is our Oneness.”

It is a beautiful thought, and is truly a sacred greeting and a goodbye. The word also sounds beautiful, and inspires in me a feeling of peace and harmony, of wellness. When I think about how to view other people, namaste is a reminder that we are all filled with light, no matter what our outside appearance may be. Our bodies are just the clothing the light wears. I was inspired to create a design to help you share the essence of namaste with those you meet. Even on a mousepad, it’s a gentle reminder that those we come in contact with via the web are also full of the light of the God/Goddess/Great Spirit.

I’ve paired it with the lovely lotus blossom, whose petals are traditionally used to represent the chakras. The symbol with the most petals graces the crown chakra, where we connect and receive blessings from the divine. In Chinese culture the lotus blossom is a term used to describe a beautiful young woman, often viewed to be submissive. But I consider it to be more a symbol of receptivity, a welcoming of divine light and love. That is the true feminine principle, and it is one of being filled with the power of miracles.

A week from tomorrow we are celebrating Thanksgiving at my house, it’s a potluck extravaganza that will include both friends and family, and an opportunity to greet everyone by saying Namaste.

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