Finding Joy – Reiki III Days 15-18


The twenty one days are passing quickly, leaving some changes in their wake and no doubt in my mind about the power of Reiki. Last night was spent in joyful laughter and delight as my husband and I went out to see a show of belly dancers and other performances despite the frigid cold temperatures. That’s January in Minnesota, and there was a good turnout despite the weather. That’s because we understand the season, and the need for human companionship and the celebration of the creative spark at this time of year. The cold brings out the best in us, and there’s nothing like a live performance to feed the spirit.

Every performer creates an energy and invites the audience to participate in it, to come together for a brief moment in time and touch the power of creation. Reiki is all about finding your happy place in the quiet center of your being, and it is an energy that is shared with practitioner and client, teacher and student. This joyful spirit that Reiki brings to us also brings us closer to the power of creation, and a greater appreciation of the joys that life can bring. Sitting in the audience was one of the most blissful activities I’ve had in a long time, my husband felt the same way and we discussed it on the drive home.

Connecting with others in the process and celebration of the creative spirit erases all worry, so it’s a brighter day for me today than it might have been if I hadn’t braved the sub-zero temperatures to see a show. My husband and I have made a wonderful memory to share, all the performers shared their talents and creative spirit, and the joy that they brought will continue through time. Remembering joyful moments invites more of them into your life, as you feel the happiness fill your heart all over again. Where will you find your joy today?

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