Mind, Body, Spirit – Reiki III, Day 3

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The connection between mind, body, and spirit is the key to holistic health and healing. It is in the power of the mind, the ability to think and experience passionate emotions, that we create for ourselves our own reality. How we think affects how our body behaves, both directly and indirectly. Choosing to watch TV instead of exercise, for example, is a mind/body connection that impacts our physical strength. Spirit comes into play in our understanding of how the universe works. If we believe that love is a universal force, or that God/Goddess is watching over us and guiding our steps, we trust that the physical world can be changed for the better.

The placebo effect is an example of the mind’s ability to heal the body, because it thinks it’s being treated with a medicine and should therefore get better. Spirit can also mean our own spirit or aura, without which we would be only complex organic machines. The beauty of Reiki is that it heals on all three of these levels, utilizing deep relaxation for the mind and body and allowing spirit – the gently vibration of reiki – to penetrate all three during a session.

Hope is an aspect of Spirit working with the mind, as are love and joy. All of these have a positive influence on how we live and work within the physical world, and our bodies. Because the mind includes both logic and emotion, it is a powerful tool for change. By consciously directing the mind with thoughts of hope, love, and joy, we connect it to the power of Spirit. To take it even further, we can attract more hope, love, and joy into our lives by wishing them for others, or sending our blessings to them. This can be done as a silent prayer, an act of kindness, or the telling of a story.

And so as we connect to ourselves in love, we connect to spirit in love, and we connect to others in love. That’s what it comes down to in the end, the power of love.

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