RMT – Day 5

Last night’s meditation included a reiki self-treatment and practicing the Reiju/Attunement blessing. The teddy bear was cooperative as I did this energy working, though he had to be propped up with a sturdy mug into a sitting position, and his little arms stick out to the side and not in Gassho. The mug was full of clean drinking water, and I drank quite a bit after I finished, sharing it with the aloe plant as well.

Today I have a long list of To-Do’s to tackle, and a long bath will be had at some point, after which another reiki self-treatment and a nap will be in order. I am taking care to get eight hours of sleep each night, but there seems to be some serious energy cleansing happening which requires additional sleep. Such is often the case after Reiki Training, and it is most welcome to me right now, January is a good time for healing and extra rest.

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