The Reiki Studio Teaser

The final item that I needed to get my Reiki Studio ready for photography has arrived! I’ve been wanting to photograph my Reiki studio to add to my website so that everyone can see the lovely environment I welcome my clients into for Pranic Healing and Reiki Sessions. But since it doubles as my art studio, I have an Area of Extreme Clutter that just looks messy all the time since it houses all of my art supplies, drawing table, easel, etc. Since July I’ve been wanting to hang a celtic tapestry as a room divider, but I didn’t know where to find one, until now…presenting the Tree of Life Queen Sized bedspread/tapestry in Kelly Green from Ancient Circles!

Celtic Tree of Life

Since I also use the Reiki Studio for all my Druid meditations, it’s absolutely perfect. Now I just need to get the curtain rod and hanging hardware, maybe frame and hang a few pictures, get a volunteer to pose for the Reiki Table and Voila! We’ll be all set for a photo shoot. I’ll post the photos when I’ve got them, and incorporate them into my Reiki Artist Site. The image above is copyright Ann W. Weller, and I asked permission before posting it here in this blog, so please respect her artwork and do not copy this image. I can’t wait to get it hung up! It will fall behind the client’s head as they lay on the Reiki table.

2 thoughts on “The Reiki Studio Teaser”

  1. That is indeed a very beautiful tapestry. I have seen this one before. I couldn’t decide if I liked it in the red or the green best.

    Green does suit me. *smiles*

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