Bringing it into Balance

Yin Yang Reiki Pillow

One of the biggest challenges we face in life is learning to balance everything we have to do. Finding time to do meditation, take care of the laundry, feed the cats, keep the romance alive in our relationships, pay the bills, find meaningful work, etc. is a real challenge. When the internet came and brought with it nearly instant communication, it seemed that our lives would become more manageable as a result. For many of us it had the opposite effect. Now we have to add in time to check emails and update our blogs!

Even when we do manage to get into a rhythm and a routine with everything, when we get our schedule in sync with our responsibilities and pass-time pursuits, life will suddenly throw a curve ball to shake things up. I’ve had quite a number of those thrown at me over the past eleven months as I’ve been practicing Reiki, and there were times when I went to sleep instead of meditated, or didn’t start out my day with a self-reiki session. But it’s all part of the cycle of life, and sometimes a five minute time-out in a quiet corner, even in the a bathroom, can bring things back into balance. There’s aways a bit of chaos in order and a bit of order in chaos, and I’ve discovered that it’s what keeps the energy flowing in my life.

Finding rest within my own heart and mind in the midst of chaos puts things into perspective, and adding a dose of chaos to order keeps things from stagnating. Balance is ultimately about working with the energy flow as it comes, and not trying to force it work one way all the time.  There is an elegance to the movement of picking up the pieces, a reminder of the effort that it takes to put things in order makes me cherish those moments of Zen all the more.

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