Power from Within

I first learned about the concept of Power from Within while reading Starhawk’s book “Dreaming the Dark” and I gained a better understanding of the dynamics of relationships. Our society is structured in a hierarchical manner, a sort of power pyramid with the most powerful, and fewest people, at the top. This type of power is called Power Over, when someone has power over you to control or command to varying degrees. Power from Within differs from this, as it is about personal empowerment to direct yourself rather than being directed by another.

Teaching Reiki is about sharing Power from Within, because you are teaching the knowledge and experience you have to another person, so that they can now go out and put it into practice without you. That’s why I’m taking the time to come up with a good manual and teaching outline before I start teaching Reiki I. I want to pass on Reiki to the best of my current understanding, so that my student can begin practicing as a Reiki Person immediately and with full confidence that they have the power to do so. It is also a creative process, as are all forms of healing. The vibration always works to the highest good, using the healing power that a person already has to it’s fullest potential.

Last night I gave Reiki to my husband, as he’s had a very stressful week and a tension headache. By the end of the session he was much more relaxed, though the headache didn’t go away completely. This morning there was no more headache, and I’m glad of that. Because I know that Reiki always works to the highest good, I’m certain that he is more in balance emotionally and spiritually than he was yesterday, which will help with any stress-related ailments that he might otherwise experience without having received Reiki. As always, I too benefited from giving completing a Reiki session, and found some quiet time this morning to continue with my metaphysical studies, and even do a little drawing to help my spirit soar.

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