Two Months Later….

Well…the house I did a blessing on in June is now the home I’m living in. Yes the Reiki Artist Studio has moved from Minneapolis to nearby Brooklyn Center. We’re on a quiet block with an apple tree in the front yard. The backyard is large with plenty of space to garden and my ever favorite Lilac bushes. This time of year they’re all green, but they will be blooming again next spring when we’re more settled in.

I had thought I was blessing this house to put up for rent, as we had been renting it since my brother-in-law passed away a year ago. But circumstances intervened and we decided it would be better to move here. The neighborhood that we saw surrounding our Minneapolis Bungalow went from up and coming back to down and out over the past three years. After my husband witnessed a drug bust three doors down while waiting for the bus in June, I knew we had made the right decision. This is the house that he grew up in, that his mother lived in until she passed away, and that his brother lived in after that.

The gardens she planted were overgrown with weeds, the renters left junk in the yard that we still have to find help to haul away, and there’s old furniture and other odds and ends filling up the garage and the shed in back that have to be sold or donated to charity. But the Reiki Room is on the main floor, with a sliding glass door that leads to a back deck. I can see the moon through the branches of the large silver maple that dominates the south side of the back yard.

It’s quiet here with fewer sirens, and Caruso, one of my favorite cats, grew up here and felt at home immediately when we brought him back here. A grasshopper came into the studio the other day too. The first room I painted was the bedroom, then I painted the Reiki Room a wonderful shade of purple called twilight. I’m back to my routine of meditating every night and giving myself Reiki.

One other new thing is that I am apprenticed to Reiki Master Maggie Sterba who I took Reiki I and Reiki III from. Every Friday night from 7:00-8:30 I will be joining her and her other students and Reiki Masters to do Reiki at Eye of Horus in Minneapolis. I still have to update my online calendar to reflect this change, and the many others that have been happening in my life over the past few weeks.

I haven’t been sitting idle artistically either, here’s a link to my new T-Shirt Design:

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