Reiki and Sacred Gardens

Today was the second Sunday of the month, so I was over at Eye of Horus doing my regular Reiki Gig where I do Reiki for walk-in clients or appointments. Today things didn’t go quite as planned, in part because I had no idea it was daylight savings time and I arrived promptly at 12:00 noon, which is my actual start time, rather than at 11:00 which is what I was intending. Since I had no appointments, I joined my sister over at Bob’s Java Hut for our much needed Twin Time.

I had orange juice and good conversation over the top of the laptop, and then returned down the block to set up my Reiki Station and do a brief meditation. When Jane returned from Bobbing (that’s what we call going to Bob’s because we think that’s pretty cool) our conversations were random, Reiki or Eye related, and comforting. We don’t see enough of each other. Hours passed with no interested walk-in’s and no appointment’s either, and the conversation turned to gardening. Actually, I was asking to pick her brain about it since she has nurtured a spectacular garden with a labyrinth at Eye of Horus.

She steered me towards a wonderful website called Spring Hill Nursury where they actually have pre-planned gardens. Just add water, they supply the plants.

Fence GardenFor the front of the house, next to our steps we really need more variety and height, so I’m thinking of their beautiful fence garden:

Fence Garden I love the varied heights, but I would definitely have to get some kind of trellis for the flowers to grow up onto. It would be lovely entry the home though, don’t you think?

In our back yard is a huge silver maple, underneath which I want to have my own labyrinth one day.  Sister Jane said she would volunteer to help with planting a garden there, and we like the looks of the Dear Resistant Shade Garden. Neither of us have planted much under established trees, so we will have to get some advice on that.

Dear Resistant Shade GardenActually I would love to have the tree wrapped in some kind of bench seating as well, which would be a wonderful vantage point on the rest of the yard.

That’s what I love about gardening, being out there in it to enjoy it for the rest of the year. Becoming a part of the garden itself, that’s really my goal here.

So while I did take some time on the Reiki Table myself while I was doing my regular gig, I was inspired by the warmer weather we’ve been experiencing just as much. I even drew some plans in my little journal of where I would put everything in the front yard. I did meet one person, Barbara, who had learned Reiki I & II but she hadn’t used it in a couple of years, so I gave her my card.

Then it was time to pack up and go, until next month when I’ll be back to do Reiki &/or talk gardens with my sister. It was a good day for me even without any clients.

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