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Friday Night Reiki

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Tonight I went in to the Friday Night Reiki Clinic at Eye of Horus Metaphysical and I took a turn on the Reiki Table. I actually could have really used a longer session, but Maggie had expressed a desire to get on the table and it was her show after all. There was one client there, and another student of Maggie’s who uses singing bowls to do energy work. I love music, and sound really adds a dimension to energy work like no other. Maybe that’s why I play soft music while I meditate and do reiki.

I also had a chance to check out the new wind chimes that they just got into the store, they sound absolutely fabulous and look beautiful too. I have personally fallen in love with the Emperor Gong. Maybe I’ll get something like that for my birthday this June…I will have to start dropping hints I think.


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