Soul of the Cities

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the times they are a changin’ and the metaphysical community in Minneapolis and St. Paul is no exception. For years The Edge has been a local newspaper, free to pick up at a variety of locations in the twin cities. Now it’s under new ownership, and the format has changed to more of a magazine style. From the website:

The Edge is not just a magazine or website, but a structure whereby souls whose feet now walk upon the Earth are able to express their sacred truths, with complete freedom, with utter integrity, to help remind us that we are much more than physical bodies and minds doing things and going places, that we are completely realized beings who are escaping the grasp of density and awakening to this grand opportunity to create in this present moment.

Once upon a time I wrote an article that was published in the online version. But that link has been broken with the new format. Still, they have a promising future if people go online and participate a bit. The new website is called Soul of the Cities, and it features a variety of articles from the magazine, and you can even download the whole thing in PDF format.

All in all, a pretty cool web destination, and one that I will visit again.

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