Keeping an Eye on Things


After years of shoddy workmanship and neglect/destruction by renters, my husband and I are trying to turn the house we now live in into a home and Reiki Sanctuary. It’s a lot of work, and everytime we turn around there is some other horror uncovered.

Today it was in the door for the Reiki Room. There wasn’t one, so we thought we could take one from one of the rooms in the basement. Turns out that both the top and bottom had been cut down, there were holes in the door, and a bullet hole in the doornob. So now I think that the holes in the door itself may have been made by bullets too. Needless to say, there is a lot of energy work that needs to be done here.

Lucky for me I have cats to help with things, they can get into places that I can’t. I’m going to make a point of loading them up with Reiki so they can cat-paw the place with some good healing juju. The picture above is from the door of the Reiki Room looking out onto the deck. That’s Cleo keeping a close watch from behind the lilac leaves. Together, we will get this house put together in a way that serves all of our needs, and is the Sanctuary that I dream of.

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  1. Yes, that definitely sounds like a good idea. It will give me something to do on Saturday go get the place a little more Healing Friendly. I have a client scheduled for Sunday, and I want to make sure the energy gets a lift before I welcome a client into the home.

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