The Energy of Love


In my last post, I mentioned that fixing up the house has uncovered some yucky surprises. Physical remnants of negative energies abound, and I’m working hard to changing it over into an energy of love and healing. I think that’s why I planted roses in the front garden. Nothing says I love you quite like a beautiful red rose. Flowers have such wonderful healing properties that I want to surround the house with them!

Reiki really is the energy of love. It is extremely gentle yet powerful, and it can do no harm. Something that reminded me of that was when I was at the Shadows Holistic and Psychic Fair. There were other energy workers there, but I was the only Reiki Master. Not all Ki is the same, or has the same vibrational healing properties as Reiki. Sure you could get a zing or a tingle from other kinds of energy, but they may not have the vibration that you need in order to acheive your healing goals.

Today I was listening to some love songs, and my love for my husband welled up inside of me. Reiki really is like that too! When it’s flowing freely through me to myself or others, I become filled with this gentle bliss, this living kindness that comforts and calms me. I am taken to a place of healing within my own soul where a bright light shines, warming my heart and opening me to a greater experience of love.

Life really is just an opportunity to experience love in it’s many forms. This week my meditations will concentrate on that love, because where that exists, there can be no darkness, no anger, no fear. Just Love and the energy of love, the power of love, which is at the heart of Reiki.

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  1. I have heard children describe Reiki as Liquid Love. I love that description of Reiki, don’t you? Flowing, liquid Love… 🙂

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