Up the Mountain in Baby Steps


There it is before me…the dream of taking Reiki Artist LLC all the way to a thriving business. It’s big, it’s scary, and it’s all mine to try and climb my way up. So I’m taking it in baby steps. I’ve set a schedule for when I’m available to clients, and I’m working on getting those Gift Certificates I’ve promised out to the folks who signed up for the mailing list at the Shadows Holistic and Psychic Fair. The printer is acting up, but I’ve got a workaround for that now…I think. That’s the thing about baby steps, sometimes you’re not so sure on your feet because this walking thing is so NEW!

So there lies the Mountain, and I know that there will be time when visibility is poor, when I’ll become tired, cold, and downright uncomfortable. But my friends will come on different parts of the Journey, and I’m sure to meet some interesting characters along the way. I’m kind of a character myself, what with my trusty Autoharp strapped to my back and a sketchpad in my hand. I’m thinking there will be safe havens along the way where I can warm my feet by a fire and my hands around a mug of hot chocolate. There we can trade stories of our adventures of arriving on the mountain of Right Living and make plans of how we can help one another along the way.

Now I’ve gotten myself all excited about the journey, given myself my own little peptalk, because the view get’s better and better with each baby step. Now I’m off to meditate on the power of love, and the joy of looking at life through the eyes of a child taking it’s first steps.

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