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lavenderlotionToday I had the most wonderful time browsing for things for the bath and body. I found an old gift card recently, and I had some time to stop at the store and use it at long last. Naturally I stocked up on my favorite fragrance, lavender.  Even better, they were having a sale! So my gift card got me a nice little bag of goodies.

On the drive home, that beautiful fresh fragrance got me all inspired. I decided I would charge all my new products with Reiki, so when I use them I will have not only the aromatherapy, but reikitherapy as well!

So I’ve set up a reiki crystal grid on one open shelf of a bookcase, and I’ve gathered all of my lotions and scrubs and things on the shelf above it, so the crystals will power everything up over the next couple days. I’ll go ahead and recharge the crystals from time to time just to make sure the energy keeps flowing.

I recently discovered how much I myself need large quantities of Reiki. For some time, I’d been meaning to book an appointment with a fellow Reiki Master. Well last week I finally went in for a half hour session. All I can say is WOW! Now I know what my clients are talking about!! Being able to let go and let someone else give me reiki, not moving, not having to think about anything, but just being…well it was just what I needed to recharge my batteries. I have a sunnier outlook, and I feel very hopeful about everything I’m doing. Self-reiki is great and an essential part of my life, but sometimes even Reiki Masters need to let go and relax completely, and this session let me do that.

So, until my next Reiki session, I’m planning on increasing my daily use of Reiki by charging up all my personal products, blessing my food with Reiki, and carrying around some Reiki charged crystals. When I’m done writing this, I think I will hop up onto the Reiki table…that is if the cat will let me.

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