White Light Reiki

Today I had the honor to do a distance Reiki Session with a friend of mine. She lives about an hour away, and with the weather being wet and icy we both thought it better that I stay safe in my Reiki Room and she in her home for the Reiki Session.

When I connect with Reiki, it’s energy flows through me and out my hands. When it does that, it can land wherever in the universe that it is needed. That’s how I can send this healing energy to my friend miles away. For my own benefit and concentration, I use a large teddy bear as a surrogate for the recipient. That way I’m doing my hands on healing as I would normally do, only with the intention that the bear is a stand in. For today’s session, we pre-arranged a time when she would call me when she was ready to begin the session, and I would call her when it was done.

Step one for me was to gently remove the cat from the Reiki table and put the bear on. After a little coaching and nudging, Caruso left easily enough, so I proceeded to lay the teddy bear on the table. Everything else I treat just as if I was doing a regular session, I lit my candles, got out my healer’s spray, and put on a soothing CD. One of the fun benefits of working on a 3 foot stuffed animal rather than a 5+ foot human body is that I can work on the feet and the head at the same time.

I began at the head, drawing the Reiki Symbols on my hands, and then above my recipient’s crown Chakra for the healing attunement. This is very helpful in connecting to the aura and setting the intention for the healing. It’s like blowing a gentle breeze made entirely of Reiki through the aura. Then I proceeded as I normally would, beginning with the head and moving down the torso to the legs and the feet.

About half-way through the session, my intuition told me to get out a Blue quartz crystal and use that on her chakras. Blue Quartz has the healing property of bringing order, releasing fear, and instilling courage to one’s life. Because of it’s gentle blue color, it is associated with the throat chakra and enhances communication between the lower and higher chakras. This is a very helpful attribute in healing because it brings the mind & body in connection with spirit, helping to cross that bridge to manifesting wellness on the physical plane. I also chose the blue color because we were trying to bring a cooling water energy, as my friend is going through chemotherapy which is a very fiery kind of healing, and often left her feeling hot especially in her feet.

This was a wonderful 30 minute session, and I had some visionary experiences that I shared with my friend when we were through. It was truly beautiful, and I felt an in-flowing of love during the session, the most powerful healing energy of all. When I asked how she felt, she said she felt very calm and cool, and her cats who normally would snuggle on top of her laid down one on either side during the session. She also shared that she normally experiences energy work in terms of different colors, but this time saw pure white light.

I had a sense of this lightness myself, of a crystal sparkle or brilliance tingling in my crown chakra, even as I write this. It’s a wonderful blessing that was given to both of us. I’ve left the Blue Quartz on the pillow above the Reiki Bear’s head as an extra measure to let any additional reiki flow through that will through tomorrow. Caruso will have to settle for another place to nap until morning comes.

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