Reiki Training

Professional Reiki Workshops

What do you want in your life? A greater sense of purpose? More loving-kindess? Personal growth and a feeling of connectedness? Reiki offers all this and more. A form of holistic healing which originated in Japan, founder Mikao Usui described Reiki as “the Secret Art of Inviting Happiness, the miraculous medicine of all diseases.” I teach Reiki during full day Reiki Workshops, providing both knowledge and hands on experience to get you started.

Levels of Reiki

What Reiki classes do you need to take? Each class builds on the previous class so they do need to be taken in a certain order. Here is a brief overview:

Reiki 1 – Shoden  Everything you need to work on yourself and others. This level includes hands on healing, the five Reiki Precepts and developing a daily self-practice.

Reiki 2 – Okuden  Everything you need to send distance healing, including mental and emotional healing, and manifestation work. This is the level where you learn the first three Reiki Symbols.

Ongoing Support

I provide ongoing support for my students in the following ways:

  • Monthly Reiki Clinics where I guide students in working with Clients. When clients are not present we take turn practicing on each other.
  • I am available by email online via social media to answer questions
  • Students are always welcome to book a private reiki session with me to receive reiki and ask questions

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