Your Personal Email Reading

What do you do when there is no time in your schedule to get a tarot reading? Get an email reading! Your personal email reading will come to you as a PDF with a photo of your reading and an interpretation specific to your question. There are four options for your reading, depending on how deep you want to go. 

Snap Email Reading – 1 paragraph
For a single question, I pull three cards that show either Past, Present, and Future or Situation, Action and Result depending on the question.  Cost is: $20.00

Core Email Reading – 2-3 paragraphs
A core email reading is perfect for a well rounded look at where you have been and where you are headed in life. I pull seven cards for this type of reading. This gives you the opportunity to have a greater understanding of how your past and present lead to your future. Cost is: $45.00

Complex Email Reading – 3-6 paragraphs
In a Complex Email reading, we have the time to dig deep into the issues and energies that are affecting your life.  This is a great way to explore how your decisions will bring about the best possible outcome. I typically pull 7 – 10 cards for this type of reading. This also allows time for a secondary question to be addressed seperately.  Cost is: $85.00

Deep Email Reading – 5+ Paragraphs
When you request a Deep email reading, I take the time to address your most pressing issues, and address in detail the path going forward. This is a great option if you want to take a look at a year ahead, or just get more detail about independent issues that you are looking to improve in your life. I typically pull 11-15 cards for a complete look at this chapter in your life.  Cost is: $120.00

To request a reading, just fill out the form below and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Once I receive your payment, I will complete your reading within 48-72 hours.  As a reader, I do my best to interpret the cards as honestly as I can. I take my job very seriously, and I provide this service as part of my life goal of earning my living honestly, which is one of the five reiki precepts. Just a reminder that readings are considered to be for entertainment purposes only, and are non-refundable.

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