A New Blog for a New Life

Ok, now that I have a theme that I like (waterlilies for now) here is my blog to record my adventures as a Reiki Practitioner. In two days I will receive my first attunement in Reiki I with Maggie Sterba, making me a Reiki person. I’m in my final 48 hours before attunement – I probably should tell you what an attunement is.

What is an Attunement?

According to Kathy McConnell, a Reiki Master

The Reiki attunement is a powerful healing and spiritual experience. You may be initiated individually or in a group setting depending on the courses offered. Reiki attunements open up the energy path ways so that more life force energy can flow through the body. Some people may have mystical experiences, healing, visions, colors and body sensations, some feel nothing at all. Attunements may increase ones psychic ability. Everyone’s Reiki attunement is unique. Once attuned to the energy, you can never lose it, it’s with you for life.

I guess I’ll find out more on Friday! Wish me luck. 🙂

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