A Reiki House Blessing

Today I had the opportunity to bless a house with Reiki. It’s something that I do with my own house from time to time, and I find it helps clear the energy to create a healing haven in the home. Of course, I often do a blessing in my Reiki Studio before a client comes over or before I do my meditation, but it’s fun to extend that blessing throughout a whole house.

This blessing can be done by anyone, though you need to know Reiki II to include the Reiki Symbols. But any sacred symbol can be used if it’s meaningful to you, or just your intention will work just as well. Whenever I bless a house, I begin by going to the top floor of the house and calling on my Guardians, Guides, and the Gods. I ask for their aid in blessing the house and creating a dome of protection. Today I also did a moving meditation and chanted the Reiki Master Symbol DKM name to connect with the Spirit of Unity. Once I had a feeling of being grounded and empowered, I began the blessing.

I walked to the North and chanted the First Reiki Symbol’s name, CKR as I drew it and said “May there be Peace in the North” while I visualized CKR going to the edge of the property on the North and creating a shield of peace.  Then I walked to the South and did the same thing saying “May there be Peace in the South” and again visualized CKR creating a shield of peace in the South. Next I went to the West  and said “May there be Peace in the West” with the visualization, and then I went to the East and said “May there be Peace in the East” as I completed the circle and blessed the fourth and final quarter with CKR.

To tie it all together, I went to the center and said “May there be Peace throughout this whole house, and on this land, and in this city, and in this state, and in this country and throughout the entire world.” But I had one more step and that was to connect the quarters, this time with the Second Reiki Symbol SHK which I drew and chanted three times along the North/South axis and East/West axis. I then empowered the center with the Third Reiki Symbol HSZSN so that the blessing would transcend time and space, the Reiki Master Symbol DKM to connect to the Spirit of Unity, and then finally I sealed the center with the First Reiki Symbol CKR.

And so the house was blessed and a shield of peace and protection was created that would continue to bless the space in the future. I was alone during the blessing, but I’ve also done blessings with my close friends, sometimes with drumming and incense and chanting while traveling from room to room until the entire house is blessed. This is something that can be done at any time, but a good time to do it is just after moving in, or just as you are moving out as a gift of healing for the new residents.

It’s always a joyful thing connecting to Reiki, and to allow it to flow and create a healing energy throughout a large space is an additional blessing. If you have done any special house blessings you’d like to share feel free to put it in a comment, and bless the Reiki Artist Blog space with healing energy!

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  1. Christina Montanye

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience about house blessings.

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