As of Swords Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne

Ace of Swords Greets XVIII The Moon – Tarot Illuminati On The Moonlit Road

Ace of Swords – Purity of Thought

As we start our journey down the moonlit road in the Tarot Illuminati, we begin with defining our intention as we take the first step. This is the most crucial decision we can make as we stand under the light of the moon and face the darkness of the valley below. 

In the ace of swords we have a pair of womanly hands holding the sword up in front of a high peak of a green hill. The sun shines from above and behind and there is a circle of light as if surrounding a sphere. Just below the sharp tip of the sword, there is a crown, along with an olive branch and a palm branch. 

Falling down around the sword is the Hebrew letter Yod, which means hand. It is also the seed from which all other Hebrew letters spring. Therefore, in the Tarot Illuminati, the Ace of Swords not only represents peace and purity of thought, but also sows the seeds of wisdom.

The two hands represent stability and strength of thought, and much as the lady of the lake offered Arthur Excalibur for his kingdom, so the Ace of Swords offers us the ideas that bring success. The olive branch communicates the intention of peace, while the palm branch offers a moment of triumph. Thus peace triumphs with good clear communications. 

Now let’s take a look at the moon.

XVIII. The Moon Symbolism in the Tarot Illuminati

We took a good long look at the symbolism of The Tarot Illuminati in last week’s post. (Click here to read the whole post) but here is the recap:

The Moon is shining behind two towers, with a dog looking upon it peacefully next to the path that leads to the valley of the moon. On the other side of the path a wolf is howling. Irises are growing near the water and a crab is emerging from it. There is a face in the full moon in the Tarot Illuminati and she is gazing further into the heavens. Bright orange and yellow rays emanate from behind the moon, a reminder that they get their light from the sun and reflect it to the earth.

Ace of Swords by the light of The Moon

In the Tarot, together the moon and the ace of sword tell the story of the triumph of insight, of a bright idea worth expressing. The Ace of Swords tells us that while we may journey into shadow, the sun shines brightly with inspiration. Our minds are ready to gain insight from what the Moon reveals. Clarity of thought is challenged by illusion, and we must rely upon our full strength in order to win the day.

If we are able to hold tight to our truth, the watery imagery of the moon meets the clouds in the air of the Sword, and the sword ultimately rises above as the clouds dissipate with the growing day.

You always have the choice to walk into the valley of the moon under the shadows of the two towers. But remember the sword you have at your side which carries the crown of victory. Even as you walk up the steep hill to the top, you carry in your heart the memory of the moon path and the options that quest granted.

With the Tarot, the Major Arcana has the greater influence. In this instance, if we combine the illustrations, the valley reduces the height of the hill, smoothing the way. The path into shadow is somewhat reduced as well, though the moon tells us that our idea may be of a somewhat more watery nature, and to look to our intuition for final guidance.

As we explore the Moon’s influence on the suit of swords, we must be mindful of the unique challenges that arise. The suit of swords is about the challenges we face in our life and how we deal with them. Whether it’s through problem solving, meditation, avoidance, or despair, the suit of swords is our first step in the act of living mindfully.

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