Day 12

Tonight we had the Rune Study Group at Eye of Horus, and we did a ritual for prosperity using Fehu and Uruz from Taking Up the Runes by Diana Paxson. It was just myself and one other person. She just happens to be a Reiki Master but has done nothing with Reiki since her Reiki III class. One of my art collectors mentioned that she too used to be a Reiki Master when I offered to send some healing energy her way, note the past tense there.  For me to hear that, on Day 12 since receiving my Reiki I attunements, it sounds so alien to me. How can you not use Reiki: consciously, caringly, and for the good of all those around you, as often as possible? They say that Reiki comes to people in the way that they need it, and Diane Stein in Essential Reiki states that Reiki III is for people who want to be teachers only, but she also feels that attunements should be given to more people because of the state of our planet and it’s people. When you compare 2007 to say 1507, we’ve got it pretty good. I am still so gung-ho about being a Reiki Practitioner that it’s hard for me to understand why someone would take Reiki who doesn’t want the same thing. But to each her own. Here is part of the invocation we used, straight from the book:

Hail to thee Day, and Day’s bright boy,
Hail to the Night and Her daughter’s joy.
With eyes that bless us may you see
And grant to those here, victory.
The goddesses and gods we call
And holy earth, who gives to all-
Give us here wise words and weal,
And in this life, the hands that heal!

(“Sigdrifumal”:2, freely translated)

Hmmmmm…”hands that heal”…is that just a coincidence? Or is it my calling reinforcing itself. I was just looking to increase my prosperity and look what pops up. Serendipity that’s what!

3 thoughts on “Day 12”

  1. There is also two levels of master now.

    There is 3a and 3b. 3a you become attuned to the master symbol, and 3b is the Master Teacher level.

    So you can become a master at 3a, and not teach. I find that the 4th symbol works wonders in amplifing my meditations, dreams, and prayer.

  2. you know I feel the same way beth. when i first was attuned in reiki I, I was looking for people to practice on, and one person said ‘oh, i know about reiki i am attuned to level II and have been for years and i said ‘why didn;t you ever tell me?????” how could you keep something so wonderful to yourself? but some people i guess just aren’t struck as hard a we are? i don’t know. i know that i feel compelled by something Larger than myself to keep doing reiki, spread it around as much as i can. that’s why i started my blog…just to get the word out. my blog doesn’t help my personal reiki business out, but i spend more time working on it than on my personal reiki website…just because i know the power of blogs to reach out to so many people.

    anyway, i don’t have an explanation…except that all we can do is share our exhuberance with as many people as we can…some will follow, and some will not. all we can do is offer.

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