Day 21

Today began in tears as I was stressed about finances, which often happens as each month comes to a close. Three women came into the store carrying my friend Rob’s ashes in a box, and they picked up some vials for folks to have a part of him. It makes my stress tears pretty insignificant in comparison. Last night’s meditation went well, finishing with a Self Reiki treatment. The need to use Reiki appears to be growing every day, and my hand sensitivity has gotten stronger. Since this is the last entry of my 21 Days, I think it’s fitting to include the five precepts.


Just for today, do not worry.
Just for today, do not anger.
Honor your parents, teachers and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude to every living thing.

Words to live by for sure! I’m going to print them out and laminate them to carry with me, as a reminder of my path. They help me find my center, and I plan on doing a short morning meditation and Reiki session each day moving forward. Ending the day with Reiki has been great, now I want to take it with me during my day as well.

3 thoughts on “Day 21”

  1. yeah beth! congrats on doing the self treatments successfully for the first 21 days…It really does create a habit…and does make the Reiki energy stronger by using it every day.

    Awesome! well done!

  2. Hello Beth!

    Just wanted to stop by and take a peek at your blog. Congratulations on your 21 day journey!!!!!

    Thank very much for including me in your blog list. I have joyfully done the same for you!

    Hey listen…..I know about the “tears”. When I first started my Reiki practice, I was teary ALOT. I found that if I just allowed myself to BE – however I was feeling in any given moment….they seemed to lose their power.

    Your doing a valuable thing, by allowing your self to return to the Reiki energy, on a daily basis. It’ll help SO MUCH during the cleasning process.

    Sometimes emotions just need to be expressed….and that’s all. The WHY for these emotions,usually comes to me days, weeks and even months later.

    I have a tendency to be alittle “heady” at times and want to analyse things. Reiki, I have discovered, works in it’s own time, giving me clarity whenever I’m REALLY ready for it.

    So in the meantime….I just express my emotions…and accept myself FOR expressing them (most people think I’m nuts), but that seems to work for me (cause I guess I AM a nut).

    I’m so happy for you that you have Reiki during this time. Losing someone is a painful thing. But if you wrap yourself Reiki’s loving embrace (such as you are doing) I guarantee you… will be supported by the most powerful embrace there is!

    Thank you so much for sharing your path with us…it is greatly appreciated.

    Be well,

  3. Thanks Meredith!
    Thanks Ron!

    Reiki is working wonders in everywhere of my life, old useless stuff is being pushed out the door even though it hurts a bit now and then. We hang on to things that aren’t for our highest good sometimes, but Reiki knows better!

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