Day 8

Last night I had hopes of accomplishing all kinds of things today. But I had a little stomach upset, apparently Reiki and junk food do not get along very well.  So part of the day was spend deep in sleep, with a kitty at my feet. I was feeling better for it so I did my exercising, followed by a long, hot bath, followed by a long Reiki session on myself.  I was very relaxed and was trying to pay attention to when I would shift my hands to the new position. What really happened is my mind wandered and when it came back to my hands it was time to move them. So it was a lesson in letting go to let Reiki do it’s thing. I also watched too much TV today, but that happens when I’m trying to get more rest.

1 thought on “Day 8”

  1. yes, quite a lesson learned…just let Reiki do its thing. we really don’t need to do much…even when working on others…just follow the sensations and it goes where it is needed. and the stomach yuck could be stuff clearning out…just try to drink lots of water and let it go & let it flow… 😉

    Good job doing the reiki on yourself every day…that is something that was told to me in my reiki I class, to do self treatments every day for the 1st 21 days, and I haven’t stopped since. It is a wonderful habit to get into. Hope you feel better today.

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