Chakras and Reiki

Reiki Chakra KanjiIn my studies of Reiki, I’ve discovered that there are opposite views on the use of chakras in teaching and healing. For people like myself who learned about chakras long before learning Reiki, I don’t see a problem with combining this particular knowledge. But, from what I’ve read, in traditional Japanese Reiki training, they focus on the Hara line and the three diamonds as being separate from chakras.

However, the Japanese culture has a history of taking new ideas and layering it with other systems. Usui himself studied a variety of paths, incorporating the teaching that he found to be good and true, which led to his discovery of Reiki. While I intend to learn as much as possible about the core japanese method and understanding of how energy works, I really do think that the chakra system can complement reiki without diluting it one bit. So I designed the Reiki Chakra Kanji clothing and gifts for us Western trained reiki practitioners.

With time, I think that we all can come together in the understanding that whatever system helps you to become a better practitioner is worthwhile and should be honored, whether Mikao Usui ever knew of it or not.

2 thoughts on “Chakras and Reiki”

  1. Hi Beth,

    I’ve been involved with Reiki for a while and though I know of the hara I’ve never heard of the three diamonds or that chakra studies were incompatible with Reiki. I work with the chakras all the time. Is a puzzlement how so many different teachers teach so many different things. It makes me think we do need some sort of standardization of teaching sometimes. Especially when you read crazy stuff about Reiki in the media. I saw an article today stating that Reiki is a 4 thousand-year old healing technique, when it’s not even 4 hundred years old. Oy!

    Can you elaborate on the diamonds in one of your future posts? Sounds interesting.

  2. Thanks for comenting Dee! The hara and the three diamonds are interesting, so I did as you suggested and wrote a post about it. This entry really got me to thinking and back to my personal discoveries about working with reiki energy on a variety of different levels.

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