Growing in Gratitude

I read somewhere that gratitude is the key to joy. As my life gets busy during the holidays, it’s been difficult to find time for my daily meditations and self-practice. So when I finally took some time out last night, I managed to find a moment of stillness to express my gratitude. This reiki journey has brought me new friends, new ideas, and a new way of looking at my life. There are many challenges, but there are still more things to be thankful for.

Today the hours have swept past me so quickly that I have no idea where they went. It’s almost time for my meditation, and I think that I will take a long hot bath afterwards. Tomorrow promises to be very busy, as I will be hosting the debut of my Mystic Spirit Party. It’s my opportunity to share reiki with my closest friends, and to share all my new designs at the Reiki Artist Store as well as my Wyrdhaven Workshop. There are more ideas in my head, and I plan on working on them next week.

Tonight I am grateful for good friends and great ideas, and for the ability to share them with both friends and complete strangers through the web. There is a unity, a oneness that reiki continues to teach me about. So I am also grateful for the unity, even as I meet new people with their differences. Now I must take some time for my practice, and I wish you well!

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