Midwinter Renewal

I was going to wait until Spring, but my intuition told me it’s time to just go for it. So I’ve scheduled the final class to learn how to pass Reiki’s teachings on to others. A week from today I’ll be taking Reiki III. I looked back in my journal and it was in January that I realized my calling to become an energy worker. Nothing I have done in my life can compare with the joy and blessing I feel when I help someone in their healing path. I’m just a conduit for the energy, and I feel so honored to be meeting so many different people and contributing to their improved well-being.

By the end of the day on January 4th I will have completed my final phase of training to attain the goal I set for myself a year ago. I feel very peaceful when I think about it, and I’ve already begun putting together my class outline for my first Reiki I workshop. I feel renewed, and all signs point to a long and successful career. So mote it be.

3 thoughts on “Midwinter Renewal”

  1. How wonderful for you Beth! I have seen such a transformation in you this last year, it has been a pleasure to watch, not to mention a true inspiration to me. I will be sending you my best wishes on the 4th and always.

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