Reiki Master Training – Day 2

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Yesterday I completed my Reiki Master Class with Maggie and Jaimie at Eye of Horus. It was a lovely experience, with just the three of us in attendance. Time spent with Reiki Masters is always a blessing, with wonderful stories of their experiences with Reiki flowing and enriching the teachings and enlivening the class. There is a great warmth flowing from my hands right now as even I write this. After the Reiju (attunement), my hands became very warm indeed with an ache at the base of my thumbs, so my two masters and I each took a turn on the Reiki Table to receive Reiki.After lunch is when I learned some teaching techniques and how to perform Reiju for all three levels of Reiki. I’ll be practicing on my little Reiki Bear until I’m ready to teach my first class, probably with my husband as my student.

Though I completed the Reiki III class and the received the attunement, Reiki Master Training takes a lifetime. Being a master is really being a dedicated student, and you learn from every experience with Reiki and every other Reiki practitioner. I have begun my Reiki I Training manual already in outline form, and I’ve got this blog and my website to draw from as well as my experiences as a Reiki Practitioner over the past five months to ponder over as I put it all in writing.

A year ago I began this journey, reading everything I could about Reiki in books, online, and in the Reiki News Magazine. Now I’m to a place where I will be sharing this healing adventure with others and helping them on their path. It is a big job with lots of responsibility, to myself to make sure I’m doing all that I can to be the best Reiki Master I can be, and to my future students to make sure that I pass on all the knowledge clearly so they can become one with Reiki.

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  1. Congratulations! I was attuned to Reiki III early in 2007 but have yet to attune someone. It is quite a scary prospect I find, just like the first time I gave Reiki to someone was quite intimidating… I will be very interested to hear how your first class goes when you do it! My boyfriend recently asked me to attune him so I think I might be taking that step soon too – exciting but scary!!

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