Making Magic Rule


Last night I made magic with Wendy Rule and about 150 of the coolest witchy folk in the Twin Cities. It was an extraordinary night of music which began with Felonious Bosch, moved to the groove of Kari Tauring’s staving, and landed in a place outside of space and time with Wendy Rule. I’ve been listening to Wendy’s works for a few years now, and I own two albums of her work. The Lotus Eaters by Wendy RuleWhen I was busy redecorating my Reiki Studio, I played The Lotus Eaters to keep the good vibrations happening. It’s still one of my favorite albums, and it was a thrill to see Wendy play “The Raven Song” live with just a Djembe to accompany her. She stood before us in a black mesh tutu skirt, a black corset, fishnet stockings, and black boots. A sheer orange blouse was tied, not buttoned, in front. In her hands she held a shining black acoustic/electric guitar, which she played to guide us all with the rhythm of her songs. But her voice was so powerful and elastic, she didn’t need it musically at all, the instrument she was born with wrapped visions around us all beginning with the calling of the quarters.

What can I say to convey to you the presence of the Goddess/God/Spirit last night? She sang to the moon and to Artemis, she sang of horses and ravens and a wolf sky, she sang of Mother Earth and to us all. deepwithin.jpgAt the end we cast our spell to bring us closer to our Soul Selves and to live a more meaningful life. For me that is as a Reiki Master and artist, and so I will be looking for new ways of sharing all my gifts while I keep an eye on the turning of the seasons and the phases of the moon. Now that spring has arrived, I’m working on creating another shade garden filled with hostas, ferns, and impatiens for a bit of color. And I’ll listen to Wendy sing from Deep Within a Fairy Forest while I do that. It’s an old magic, but it works for me. 😉

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