My Life as a Reiki Woman

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The last couple of evenings I’ve been putting on my reiki woman hat, a little something extra outside my regularly scheduled reiki duties. Last night, at my husband’s request, I did a banishing of all negative energies in our house. He seemed to think we’ve been having a run of bad luck lately, the water heater sprung a leak and had to be replaced among other things. My point of view was that everything was AOK, and in fact I have much to be grateful for, but he was seeing things a little differently.

So I went from room to room, starting at the top and going to the bottom. I lit incense and asked for the help of my guardians, goddesses, gods, and guides when I began. At each direction in each room I used the incense like a wand drawing the Reiki symbols, asking that there be peace and love and only good things for each direction. Because I’m a skeptical witch, I paid close attention to everything that happened in each room. The rooms I spend the most time in, especially the Reiki Room, felt just fine to me. But the rooms in the basement that are mainly for storage needed a little extra Umpfh, negative or stale energies didn’t want to move out so easily.

With the moon waning it’s a good time for this kind of work, and the house feels a little better balanced now, over all. Tonight’s Reiki Woman moment came when I was on the Reiki table giving myself my daily dose of good vibrations. Two of my cats decided to join me when I sat up to put my hands on my feet to ground the reiki. One cat was in front of me and one behind. I asked them if they wanted Reiki, and they both seemed inclined to receive. So I shifted my position, and with one hand on either cat I extended my reiki session to both of them. Jasmine, my small calico cat was on my left, and Caruso my large black cat was on my right. They shifted occasionally to get a better position underneath my hands.

I think Jasmine wanted a private session, but she needs to learn to share. When I thought we were done she made a few petulant Murphs and I gave her a little more. She seemed OK with that. Caruso was still laying on the table so I added the Reiki symbols above it and spread them across cat, table, pillows, blanket and all. He’s still there, curled up next to the pillows. A Reiki Woman’s work is never done!

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  1. I find cats are the most territorial animals I’ve met when it comes to Reiki! You might try telling Jasmine that as with love and compassion, there is always there is always enough Reiki to go around.

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