Ten Minute Morning

This morning I decided to start doing a morning meditation and reiki session. I meditated briefly on the Five Precepts:

  1. Just for today do not worry
  2. Just for today do not anger
  3. Honor you parents teachers and elders
  4. Earn your living honestly
  5. Show gratitude to every living thing

And then I gave myself a few minutes of reiki. Because I spend most of my day in an office, I’ve been feeling a disconnect from my purpose, which is my reiki practice. Usui Mikao said to meditate on these precepts every morning and every night, so I’m starting to put an effort toward doing that moving forward. It’s a first step toward integrating reiki in more aspects of my life.

Have a wonderful morning!

2 thoughts on “Ten Minute Morning”

  1. It’s funny I always read your blog and think how much more integrated you seem with your reiki practise than I manage to be. Although I try to spend time updating my site and reiking things and thinking reiki thoughts I just fall so short of the mark so often. I guess we all do it sometimes. What a great way to start the morning!!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Amanda! I usually update this blog when I’m at my “Reiki Best” and not when I’m grumbling about something at work, or frazzled because I’m running late for something. The whole reason I started doing Reiki was as a stress management technique, and I do deal with it better now, sometimes it gets away from me. We are all human, but with Reiki we can be calm, happy humans…most of the time. 😉

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