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The Spring Equinox has passed and we are rapidly approaching the time of spring in Minnesota. Actually not so rapidly as we have a couple of months before we are likely to be frost free here. But I wanted to share a little bit about what starting on the Reiki path is like…and what it’s like to continue with it after two years as a practitioner and now as a Reiki Master Teacher. The thing is, I may as well say that I’m a Reiki Master Student, because I’m learning all the time and I will never stop learning.

Each time I tell someone about reiki they have a unique point of view and experience to ask questions from. This is one of the funnest ways to learn about reiki, because when I tell my story and understanding of where reiki came from and how it works, everyone relates to it differently. But my favorite way of learning about reiki is actually doing it, and getting feedback during and/or after a reiki session.

Everyone is unique in their own experiences, and what they bring when they first receive reiki. My first experience receiving reiki was during my attunement to Reiki I, and it was wonderful and moving and I felt filled with light at the time. Now it is a cherished memory, and as you can guess it changed my life dramatically.

I had a tarot reading done not too long ago as I was having worries about how I was going to build a successful and meaningful practice in my spare time. I was reasurred that I was a healer and an empath, and that deep down I knew what I was here to do. Why else during my first big art show was I placed next to the Pranic Healing booth? And I has a miserable cold at the time? That was my first step into energy healing in 2004 when I took the Beginner’s Pranic Healing class, but I often need something larger than a 2×4 across the forehead to get the message to sink in.

It has sunk in now finally, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful Spring of 2009 learning, sharing, and teaching reiki. My Upcoming classes include:

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