When the Moon is Full

bluemoonfaery-t1I can see the full moon through the tree branches as I sit here. Though she became full last night, this is my first glimpse of her beauty. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

Tonight I’m blogging because I can’t sit still long enough to meditate or even give myself Reiki. So I gaze at the shining moon-face and I wonder what this next moon will bring into my life. I see some work ahead of me, the finishing up of large projects like my Reiki People section in the shop. Then I can begin again with something new and different.

Next week I will be celebrating my one year anniversary at the Day Job, and I can look back and see that it has brought stability into my life. That’s what I’ve needed for a while, and it is a trade-off with freedom in a way. In another, the benefits of having paid sick days and vacation gives me a different kind of freedom. When I was self-employed as an artist, calling in sick was never an option. All my traveling was work related, so it was hard to take a “real” vacation anywhere.

I guess when the moon is full I tend to become introspective, reviewing how this cycle relates to the next. I really do love the full moon!

3 thoughts on “When the Moon is Full”

  1. My “female cycle” coincides perfectly with the full moon, despite all the hormones the drs have thrown at it – so the full moon for me is always doubly introspective when I find myself curled up with a hot water bottle and no desire to do anything but sit and think! I love the moon and always have done – she is so wonderful but boy is she strong!! My dad works in a prison and he says you can always tell when the moon is full because things get really crazy in there as people react to her energies!

  2. You’re absolutely right, the moon has a strength that we mere humans tend to ignore. But she pulls on us along with the tides, and if we are lucky, we can use that strength along with her. Thanks for stopping by Amanda!

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