Creative Intentions

I have a magnet on the side of my computer that reads: LIFE ISN’T ABOUT FINDING YOURSELF. LIFE IS ABOUT CREATING YOURSELF. (unknown)

Since the author is unknown, I had planned on taking that idea and adding it to my designs for the Reiki Artist Store for some time now. Another thing that I’ve been planning on doing is organizing my artist studio so I could actually start doing some creative things with pencils and brushes and whatnot, rather than pixels and keyboards like I’ve been doing for quite a while now. I am the Reiki ARTIST after all.

So now I’ve completed one of my tasks:


So now I have to get down to business and set up that art studio. There, I put it out there and now I must account for my actions. The truth is there is nothing more exciting, or intimidating, as a blank sheet of paper or a white canvas. On the computer, there is always the undo button, and I can save different versions as I go along. But on a piece of paper? There’s only so much erasing you can do before it damages the paper and it becomes hard to use.  Paintings you can paint over, but not without some difficulty.

But we are constantly creating things in our lives, whether it be art, an outfit, or lunch. We humans, we make things by chosing to do or not to do.  And this design is for everyone who ever decided to create anything in their life. Even if it’s just creating a smile.

Have a wonderful and creative week!

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