This year's flowers

iris fade out

Much to my surprise we acheived a nice cluster of Irises in the front garden by the driveway this year. They are nearing the end of their bloom, but I was able to snap this photo today. I was surprised because we thought they were killed off due to neglect over the previous years when the house was a rental property. We didn’t see any of them last year. But I worked diligently on weeding and cleaning up the beds last fall and viola! Beautiful flowers this year.

It just goes to show that life will happen, and gloriously if given a little TLC. My career as a Reiki Master has been in fits and starts, with lag time in between, but maybe I’m working on my own personal weeding so that when the time is right I will bloom gloriously too. It’s just a thought. I didn’t plant the Irises, by the way. My husband’s mother did that. I never met her, but I’m glad I can care for the wonderful gardens she started, and creat new ones too.

There are peonies too:


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