Dream of Owning a School


Last night I had a dream that I’d saved up enough money to purchase  a lovely old school with lots of character. It was surrounded by gardens and that was part of the curriculum in the school. Then I dreamed that I was typing up my notice at work to tell them I was leaving to pursue this new venture. The school was already established, had students already, and it had lots of old world charm in the building. I knew that I was up to the challenge and it was time for a change, as I had scrimped and saved for this.

I also dreamed that I was at an event and had a sort of mini store, with small picture books that were selling like hotcakes, and my sister was helping me run it, doing much of the work. It’s kind of funny, because in the real world, I’ve worked for her in her business. In fact, today I’ll be helping weed the garden there and plant some baby plants.

This dream is a wonderful vision of the form that my Reiki Artist business could take on. I just need to get it a little more established before I can give notice at the day job, so that’s what I’m going to do. It’s a good thing my husband doesn’t read my blog, or this might make him a little bit nervous! But the plan is that it’s already thriving before I leave the day job. What a wonderful dream I have!

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