Reiki Weekend Report

Well my first big Reiki Weekend went well indeed. We began the festivities with the Friday Night Reiki Share, which caused all kinds of confusion among the cats as to why Mom was cleaning every night all week, but I digress. The Reiki Share went well, and everyone got a turn on the table. Even the cats helped. Now, I’m very excited about the next Reiki Share, and I’ll be sending a reminder out to the Meet-up group. Oh yeah, and in an effort to be inclusive, rather than exclusive, I’m welcoming those who do other types of hands-on healing and to people who want to learn a little bit more about Reiki before jumping in and taking a class. Just sharing the love is what it’s all about. I’m a healer not an elitist after all.

And that brings us to the next two days of my big Reiki Weekend, with The Shadows Holistic and Psychic Arts Faire, where I was offering Faeries Oracle Readings and Mini Reiki Sessions. I had a really good time both days, and had the same number of clients each day, though the overall traffic was better on Sunday. It was all weather related, as on Saturday it was still Summer and on Sunday it suddenly became Autumn. And it is still blowing in even as I write this tonight. One of the interesting things is that I got a couple of readings which really has uplifted my outlook about my future. I’m doing what I need to be doing right now, and I’m just going to keep on with it. 🙂 It really feels good to know that I’m pointed in the right direction and going and the proper pace as well.

The evening finished off the weekend with sending Reiki to my Sister-Outlaw who had a challenging morning, and then to my husband who had a challenging day. While I was at the Holistic Faire, my darling David was trying to do a yard sale on a windy and occasionally rainy day. So he was pretty tired and sore by the time I got home, as he had chased things across the yard, put shelving units back up that tumbled down, and scurried everything into the garage before the rain got too hard.

The good news is that while going through boxes, he found my long lost cloak which I thought was gone for good these past four years or so. I really could have used it during the 2006 Renaissance Festival season where I was selling my artwork, because the weather was about as blustery as today’s for much of the run. But I have it now, so I get to wear it and be all Witchy for Halloween (a.k.a. Samhain for us witches) this year. This and the cats were extra snuggly tonight and I consider it a wonderful ending to an excellent Reiki Weekend.

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  1. Hi,
    i really enjoyed reading this post as i am very interested in setting up a Reiki share in my home town of Liverpool UK. I also have thought about doing an online Reiki share too. The purpose of the Reiki share would be to allow fellow Reiki healers too share their experiences with Reiki as mine have been truly phenomenal, and for us all to provide some distance Reiki healing to those in need of healing, and maybe can’t access a Reiki practicioner.
    How do you use your Reiki shares?

    Thanks Paul
    Reiki Training Liverpool

  2. My Reiki shares are twice monthly, and I invite my students and other Reiki practitioners to come and do hands on healing to support one another. We haven’t done any distant healings yet, but that’s something I could bring up to the others. I also welcome other modalities of hands-on healers to join in. It’s interesting to talk with people who are either intuitive or have studied different methods AND try them out!

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