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jsbeanLast night we had our Tuesday Chat & Social for the TC Energy Healers & Energy Workers Meetup Group. It was a nice, relaxed little get together in the outdoor seating are of J&S Bean factory in St. Paul. There were about nine people there over all, and it was a pretty fun time. A night of free-flowing conversation with energy healers was definitely a better option than sitting in front of the TV all night! We sat out back where they have a walled in garden with many options for seating. A large, rough cut marble slab acted as our coffee table. I had my usual, a decaf mocha, and it was mighty tasty. :)  There won’t be too many more outdoor excursions, because this is Minnesota after all, so I’m glad I was able to experience the evening outdoors with positive energy.

There were massage therapists, other Reiki practitioners, and other energy healers there. Our conversation started with the nitty gritty details of marketing and managing a small business, but moved on from there. One of my favorite conversations of the night was how to clear the energy in your neighborhood.

  1. Buy White Sage in bulk – about a pound
  2. Add in chunks of Dragon’s Blood or sprigs of dried lavendar
  3. Light a fire in your backyard fire pit at midnight and allow it to burn down so it’s just hot coals
  4. Start sprinkling on your Sage or other aromatic herbs or incense with the intention of sending positive energy throughout the neighborhood

So you are basically smudgeing the whole neighborhood!  It’s best to do this at night after midnight so you won’t be bothering any of the neighbors with your smoke. This is definitely something I want to try, as I do have a fire-pit in the backyard. It sounds like fun doesn’t it?

After that we also talked a bit about aromatherapy, psychic experiences, communicating with our guardians and guides…you know, all the cool stuff. I left before it was finished because I wanted to get home at a reasonable hour. It was definitely time well spent and I hope to be able to attend again.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I mentioned that I wanted to host a Meet-up of my own, so my Friday Night Reiki Share is now an official event of the TCEHW Meet-up Group. 🙂

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