Be Your Own Hero

As I sit after my workout, in my smelly sport cloths, it suddenly dawned on me that I’m working on becoming my own hero. For fitness I’m looking at Jillian Michaels for inspiration, how-to, and courage. For financial fitness I’m looking to Suzie Orman for those same things. Both are super strong, self-made women, and that’s what I want to be too.

Suze has a philosophy, people first, then money, then things. And by people she means start with yourself and your own financial situation. I’ve worked hard on building some financial stability over the past two years. But now life has thrown me a curve ball and I’ll be looking for work in about four months or so. I’m going to look at getting some higher education as well.

To deal with the stress of the situation, I’m learning to cook healthy foods and work out regularly. I want to be in better shape physically to tackle the job hunt that’s in my future. Reiki is my other tool to destress, and I’m really glad to have it at hand. The twice monthly Reiki Shares are really fantastic, we had five people last time! Can you beleive it? And it all ended with a wonderful group hug.

I’m just really excited about the future, and learning to be my own hero. It’s late and time for bed, and some good dreams about my future.

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