Finding Rest

Four of Swords Tarot Card

Four of Swords

Sometimes you just need a little guidance to get through the week.  So here we are at Wednesday, hump day, and it’s time for me to reset and start fresh to finish off the week. Today the card I pulled was:

The Four of Swords, Isolt of the White Hands, in the Legend: The Arthurian Tarot deck by Anna-Marie Ferguson.

This is the card is a great representation of Reiki, a reminder to just be in the moment and allow healing energy to flow into your body, mind, and spirit. It is time to rest, to let go of all worries and stress. Being gentle with yourself is key. Allow yourself to gaze out a window and let your thoughts drift away.

There is deep tranquility in the Four of Swords. Swords represent our thoughts and knowledge, and the number four represents stability. Four walls to a house, four legs to a chair or table, it is simple and calm. Whatever struggles you are going through in your life, there will be peace when you are finished.

Having a spiritual focus helps me harness my creativity and understand my purpose for each day. Here is a journal prompt for you to make the most of the Four of Swords:

  • Write down four things that help you to rest and relax, go into detail on how you experience them. If you are able, pick one way that you can give yourself a restful break today.

Now I’m going to have some more coffee, meditate and write in my journal, and get a fresh start on the week from a place of gentleness and healing. What have you learned from the Four of Swords? Let me know in the comments below, I want to hear what you think.

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