RMT – Day 6

More meditation, more practice attunements, more soul searching about what Reiki and energy work is doing in my life. I think the thing that I need to do right now is learn to embrace change. Now this is something that I have always been good at, as I’m a learner and a grower, but I’ve settled down now that I’ve got a Husband, a House and Four Cats. Change is a little scary, especially around the source of my income, which is what Reiki partly brings into my life. I’ve also been working at my favorite metaphysical store for a year and a half, but they may have to cut my hours back dramatically.

So I’ve got this mortgage to help pay for and a love for Reiki, but not much time to build up a large enough client list to make a go of it within the next 60 days. So what do I do? Well, I’ll be doing what I have do so that I can do what I want to do, that’s what. This means many things including fighting back my fears and anxieties with Reiki, with the Precepts “just for today do not worry” and getting the word out that I need full-time work that pays a living wage. It would be great if it were all Reiki related, but it’s not something that I can count on at this point. I have to be practical and apply for whatever job I can get.

So I stay busy to ward off my worries, and I try to remember when this journey began, how certain I was that this was my calling.

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