Reiki Renewal

Whether you’re returning to your personal Reiki practice or just want to refresh your existing practice, doing a reboot can be extremely rewarding.

It’s been several years since I was actively blogging about Reiki and my experiences as an artist and empath. Sometimes life changes, and now it has circled back to where this wonderful modality is again part of my daily routine.

Over the past five years my focus has been on developing as an artist again. Rather than mystical fantasy, I have surrendered to my spiritual path and am painting images of the Goddess in all aspects of nature. It’s no wonder that my Reiki practice should start to grow along with my art. 

Renewing my Commitment

This got me to thinking of what it means to me to be renewing my commitment as a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner. How can I share my experiences 14 years since becoming a reiki person and 13 years after my attunement as a Reiki Master? 

My life is full of personal challenges as well as opportunities right now, so each week I will be looking at different ways to renew my practice and sharing them here. The possibilities are endless, and I’m super stoked to share my experiences with you.

Over the years Reiki has continued to be a part of my life, with self-reiki as needed, and sending reiki over distance to friends that request it. But it really came down to how my art became part of my practice. Each art print and necklace that I make is blessed with Reiki before it gets shipped out to their new home. The blessings just keep flowing, and now I’m offering Reiki Services again both in person and at a distance.

Self Reiki Throughout a Busy Day

By calming and centering I am able continue with my work with mindfulness and balance. Whether I’m doing readings or reiki for clients, writing for this blog, working on the next goddess painting, or crafting wire wrapped crystal and natural stone pendants, I know that I have set my intention for doing the best work that I can.

Over the next ten weeks I will be focusing on different ways that I will be renewing my Reiki practice. Here are the topics that we will be discussing over the next couple of months. I will update this blog with links when they are completed.

Ten Ways to Renew Your Reiki Practice

  • Self Reiki 
  • Setting the mood 
  • Finding your focus 
  • Meditation and Reiki
  • Journalling
  • Receiving Reiki
  • Food and Reiki
  • Pets and Reiki
  • Connecting with Nature
  • Creating with Energy

What do you do to find your center during a busy day? I really want to know what you think, so please let’s continue the conversation here and over on my Facebook Page: Reiki Artist Tarot.

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  1. I used to do a quick afternoon yoga break… that got lost in the pandemic shuffle. While working at home, I feel less need for it, BUT, the days I have to work on site feel rushed, I want to get away from possible sources of infection as fast as possible, so there may only be a lunch break while I’m there, in theory I could take that break after leaving campus, but it usually doesn’t happen.

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