More Snow = More Reiki

With all the additional snow we are getting this season, I’m finding I need a little extra Reiki to get through the day.  The constant shoveling of walks and driveways, not to mention having to clean the car off whether you are coming and going, seems to make the day go by more slowly. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly is beautiful to look at with candles burning and a cat on your lap, but having to clear things away constantly takes it’s toll. All this time spending pushing snow around and driving slowly and carefully just makes those holiday to-do lists hard to get through.

So tonight, I’m definitely doing my Reiki before bed, and I plan on doing Reiki in the morning as well. A double dose a day until the snow passes and my list gets more manageable. I really do love living in Minnesota, but this time of year it sure would be easier to be a Hermit!

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