Day 1

Today I received my Reiki I Attunement! There was a bigger group than I had expected, with three of us taking Reiki I, Maggie and Jaimie the Reiki Masters were both there, and Carol (I think that’s her name…should have written it down) who is a Reiki II helped with the guided meditation during the attunement. It all happened in the Mythic Art Gallery at Eye of Horus, surrounded by the beautiful Yoruban inspired artwork by John Bradley – who also happens to be a Reiki Master. It was a really unique experience, as a mother and daughter came to receive healing as part of our training. The energy was everything that they said it would be, and my hands really did get hot! I’ve been working with Pranic Healing energy over the past 2 weeks, increasing my sensitivity so I would be able to know the difference. While I would feel a tingling sensation in the palms and fingertips, they never became hot with Pranic healing. At times I was close to tears of joy, and I felt connected with everyone in the room as well as with the Goddess, Gods, and my guides. They were all there for me. This has opened a whole new realm for me to explore, my world has changed as I knew it would.

The hands on training was very experiential, we just jumped in and did it. The ladies receiving the healings had anywhere from 1-5 pairs of hands working on them at once. They gave us great feedback and really appreciated being a part of our training, and I feel fortunate that I had the chance to participate in their healing experience. The other two students who were attuned today, Cachel and Mandi, both had a turn at receiving Reiki as well.

When I got home I fed the kitties and added a little Reiki to their food & water. Maggie loaned us each a book for home studies afterwards, and I it looks really good and I plan to get a copy of my own to add to my growing Healing Library. I’m looking forward to spring and incorporating Reiki and healing elements in my garden when spring finally shows up here in Minnesota. Here is how it looked on March 1st.

Garden Chimes

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