Day 2

Today was a great day for napping for me. I had a long week and was pretty tired on Thursday, but Friday was so uplifting with the attunement and all, I was really charged. So today was a good day of rest. There was some stress around paying some bills, but once I got my emotions out I was able to recover a good mood pretty quickly. My step-daughter and her sweetie came over for dinner and we had a lovely conversation.

I didn’t get my regular meditation in last night, so tonight I’m going to be sure and do it. I’ll be including some affirmations as well, to boost my self esteem, prosperity, healing and psychic awareness. Of course I’ll do Reiki on myself as well, which I did last night while watching TV, but I like to get undivided attention so I think I’ll like tonight’s session better.

In addition to napping, I added Reiki to the water before watering plants, as well as to the cat food and water. I want to keep everyone in my family healthy. I’ll have to give hubby David a full Reiki session tomorrow evening, he’s got a lot going on and really needs some hands on attention.

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