Day 15

Yesterday I didn’t do my exercise routine, so imagine my surprise when I awoke to sore glutes and thighs. What could have caused that I wonder? Doing Reiki on someone laying on a couch that’s what! So I guess I got a little workout after all, with another chance at that today as I’ll be visiting my sister to practice Reiki on her for a while. But, I’m setting up my intention for a portable massage table, this is the one I like the best:

 Fellston Pure Grace

Which comes with the nifty stool and a carrying case, so I will be able to make house calls too. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Day 15”

  1. did you already order that one? if not, i love the one i got and it was pretty cheap…let me know, i’ll get you the info for it if you’d like…

  2. ok, I’ll look up where I got mine & send it to you…i really like it. i ordered it online with some birthday money i received. it’s portable, which i like, too.

    if a table is not available i actually prefer doing reiki on a bed like a double or queen size (i suppose you might have to know the person pretty well to feel comfortable doing that, eh?) but you can move around a bit easier than on the floor or couch…yeah, must take care of the reiki provider, too.

    i will look up the details and forward to you.

  3. hi, this blog turned up as i searched in google for this massage table (checking for price comparisons). Imagine my pleasure to find a real live human instead! =^)

    Best of luck with your reiki practice. I am going for my level II very soon, hopefully within the next month. Just deciding on which Reiki master to go to.

    many blessings,

  4. Oh Wow! My new little Blog came up on Google already? Cool. I hope to be getting my Level II soon as well, I’m saving up the rest of the money from my Tarot Readings, and I’ve picked out my Reiki Master for it already. A switch from Level I, but a good one I think. 🙂

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