Day 16 & 17

Yesterday began with gardening, turned to grieving, and finished with friendship. Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota and I was helping my sister create a small raised bed in the garden labyrinth at Eye of Horus. While we were digging, we found out that a friend of ours passed away the night before, very suddenly and unexpectedly. We decided then and there that our little mini-garden would be dedicated to him. The evening was spent with friends, celebrating birthdays and a baby yet to be born. The circle of life goes round and round, and my path is winding round again.

Today the OBOD seed group is at Eye of Horus celebrating the coming of Spring, and I feel the good Earth energy growing all around me, grounding me as I contemplate the cycle of life, the purpose of Reiki and healing, and the one-ness of all living things. My soul is reminding me of the path, and it’s incredible beauty and joy.

2 thoughts on “Day 16 & 17”

  1. sorry to hear of your friend’s passing…but the garden will be a wonderful reminder of the cycle of life and so glad you will be able to enjoy the garden this spring…perhaps it can be a quiet spot of meditation?

  2. can i just tell you that i just had a moment of ‘am i losing it?!!’ i’ve been visiting with familiy and offline much of the past several days and just read Day 13, i think and there is a comment from Meredith but NOt Me…. i thought i wrote that comment and completely blanked it out. whoah…so glad i may still be losing it, but at least i am not blacking out!!!!!!!!!!! I love Meredith Dillman’s work, too..
    how funny. who knew there were so many merediths????

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